Infertility, etc.

The next person to bemoan the size of her “baby bump” is going to get de-friended.  It’s obnoxious and insensitive, and rubs in other people’s faces fecundity and slimness.   I’m done with skinny women fake-complaining about their ability to have children.

In less bitter news, I’ve been getting “high fertility” readings on ovulation tests.   The only problem is that I’m only supposed to get the “high fertility” reading for two days and then it should read “ovulation” or “peak fertility.”   Instead, I’m day five of “high fertility”.   I’m also having ovulation pains, which is pretty common with endometriosis, and which aren’t being killed by normal Advil or Tylenol doses.   But I can’t take any of my legitimately-prescribed pain killers even for a day or two without some doctor somewhere insisting that I’m a delusional addict.   (I still need for find a new ob/gyn, one who doesn’t think I’m crazy just because I know my own medical history.) 

What I’m really saying is that I’m cranky today!

Even cranky is better than depressed, anxiety-attack-ed, insomnia-exhausted, or killer-menstrual-cramp-pained.   But it’s still not fun.   Especially on reflecting that this infertility thing has been going on for more than three years…it’s been a bit of a rough week.

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