I requested a copy of my medical records – including the notes on the laparoscopy last summer – from the ob/gyn that I refuse to see again.  I will not see a doctor who belittles my pain and won’t listen to my religious convictions.

After reading through the notes, I am confused on three points.

First, one of the diagnoses is “uterine cervical canal stenosis.”   I was never told this.   And yet cervical stenosis can be a contributing factor in infertility – and one that can be corrected very easily without resorting to menopause-inducing drugs (like Lupron Depot) or hardcore fertility intervention (like IVF).   But since I didn’t know about this, I couldn’t discuss this problem with the fertility doctor.   The ob/gyn never discussed this with me – she merely insisted that if I didn’t do Lupron Depot, then I was obviously making up the pain in order to feed a narcotics addiction.  (Please note, none of my other doctors with whom I have a much longer relationships agree with her.)

Second, the surgical notes say that everything looks normal – the entire peritoneal wall and endometrial lining look normal – except for very, very small (double very’s in the notes!) “vesicles” on one fallopian tube that “suggest possible endometriosis”.     So is it endometriosis or not?   She didn’t biopsy it, of course, out of fear of doing damage, so I’m not entirely sure whether it’s “definitely” endometriosis or just “possible” endometriosis.   I honestly believe that she jumped straight to endo because it allowed her to present a clear-cut “treatment plan” in the Lupron Depot.   Note that she also pushed the Lupron decision – and made her absurd accusations – less than two weeks after the post-op visit.   I said I was uncomfortable with the idea of LD, and wanted to know if there were other options, since LD doesn’t exactly promote fertility.

Third, there is no mention whatsoever of my final conversation with her.   If she is going to insist that I must not be in pain if I’m not willing to take menopause-inducing drugs, shouldn’t she note that in the chart?   This omission seems highly unprofessional.

So now what?   I’ve got the records and the photographs, so I can take them to other doctors for other opinions.  But it’s like the last year of indecision and mental strain were a waste of time, since the doctor had not provided with all of the facts.   I’m confused why a physician would do this, especially considering how painful my menstrual cramps are and how emotionally difficult it is to deal with infertility.   

This confused mess is not going to help my insomnia tonight.

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1 Response to Confusion

  1. Daryl says:

    “Unprofessional” is right! I don’t know what, if anything, you can do to report her omissions and pushy/judgmental comments, but I would definitely seek a second opinion. I’m sorry the last year has been so hard–potentially harder than it needed to be–but I hope this new information allows you to move forward better-informed.

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